Safety & Compliance

We are one of only a select few operators in South Africa that has full permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones commercially. Click here for the updated list of legal operators.

We teamed up with 22 Degrees South Aviation, a world class aviation consultant to guide us into continued compliance and consistent safe practice. We trust and strongly recommend them.


As with any new operation, Remotely Piloted Aircraft will bring new hazards and risks to your site.

We sell safety. Our highest priority is to ensure a safe operation and as such we address risk management in a comprehensive manner. We efficiently address the following prior to taking off:

  • Mid-Air Collisions
  • Ground Collisions
  • Airspace Requirements
  • Weather
  • On-Site Risks, and many more.

We know that safety is as important to our clients, and we integrate our clients’ safety and risk management procedures into our operation.

We believe in a “just culture”, where reporting deficiencies and incidents are encouraged and not used as a punitive measure.


Compact Aerial Services is serious about legal compliance. We know that our approach to compliance can affect our clients’ insurance and legal compliance.Therefore we go out of our way to comply to the Civil Aviation Regulations, and applicable on-site legislation like to Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.

We are FULLY COMLIANT with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority regulations for flying Drones (RPAS) through:

  • ROC – RPAS Operator Certificate (FO12211)
  • Operations Specification.
  • Air Service License (Domestic), Class III with Categories G3, G4 and G16 (#G1257D)
  • RPAS Certificate of Registration (ZT-TIL)
  • RLA – RPAS Letter of Approval (ZT-TIL)
  • Pilot License (RPL)
  • Public Liability Insurance to the value of ZAR 2,500,000

Our Operations Specifications allows us to fly:

  • R-VLOS and VLOS.
  • Within 10km of an Aerodrome.
  • Over People.
  • Over Structures and Buildings.