Live Inspections

Your eye in the sky

Our pilot and your own specialist. Together we inspect your structure or other point of interest.

Our pilot controls the aircraft, while your specialist has full control over the camera to perform live inspections using unique technology in our system.

Where you do not have an in-house specialist, we will source a specialist for you through our established network of built environment and other professionals.

Live Inspections

Target Market

  • Engineers (Mechanical, Civil, Structural).
  • Project Managers.
  • Operations Managers.
  • Maintenance Managers.


  • Structural Inspections.
  • Pre-Commissioning Inspections.
  • Inspections where a cherry picker cannot reach.
  • Inspections where building a large scaffold structure is not viable.
  • Other inspections where chartering a manned helicopter is not viable.
  • Incident Investigations.


Inspection records and evidence: Images and Video taken by your specialist of specific points of interest,